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Good Health Gateway Diabetes Program

The Scantic Valley Regional Health Trust is pleased to continue to offer the Diabetes Care Rewards Program to all employees and their family members who are on a Scantic Valley Regional Health Trust health plan.

The program is designed to help people understand their diabetes and encourage them to have important screenings and exams to manage their diabetes.  Not only do participants in the program have better health, but they also receive FREE diabetes medication and supplies ($0 co-pay) just for taking care of their diabetes.

The Diabetes Care Rewards Program is available to the following members of the Scantic Valley Regional Health Trust: Hampden Wilbraham Regional School District, Lower Pioneer Valley Education Collaborative, Town of East Longmeadow, Town of Hampden, Town of Longmeadow, and the Town of Wilbraham.

Diabetes Care Rewards Program

3 Reasons to Join

To learn more about the Scantic Valley Regional Health Trust Diabetes Program, please go to www.goodhealthgateway.com. Click on the drop-down box on the right to select "Scantic Valley Regional Health Trust Diabetes Care Rewards" then click on "Learn More" which will bring you to a page with information on this great program.

You can also call the Diabetes Help Line at 800-643-8028.  HelpLine Advocates can register you for the program if you don’t have a computer and can explain what you need to do to earn your reward.

This program is voluntary and completely confidential and is being administered by Good Health Gateway®.  As an independent, third party, it is important to note that no medical or health information about you or your family will ever be shared with your employer or the Scantic Valley Regional Health Trust by Good Health Gateway®.


Diabetes Care