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The Scantic Valley Regional Health Trust’s (SVRHT’S) mission is to provide participating governmental employers with high quality health plan options at the best possible value, to promote a Culture of Wellness throughout its membership, and to help its members become prudent consumers of health services.

The foundations of our wellness program....
     physical activity, stress management, healthy eating,
tobacco cessation and regular screening.

The Scantic Valley Regional Health Trust (SVRHT) Wellness Program is proud to have been named a 2021 Health New England Well Worth It Award recipient at the Gold level for successful worksite health promotion and employee health improvement!  The award recognizes Scantic Valley Regional Health Trust’s commitment to their employees’ overall health and their achievements in implementing health and wellness programs.

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Diabetes Care


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2021 Employee Wellness Benefits

Keep Your Immune System Healthy
Mayo Clinic's Heart Disease Risk Calculator

New Offerings

Learn to Live
Healthy Minds: The How of Well-Being (Recording)

Learn to Live- January Clinical Webinar
Learn to Live- Substance Abuse Webinar

2021/2022 Wellness Works Incentive Program

February Webinars
Food and Mood Webinar

Luminate Your Brain- 2/9/22
Inflammation Busters- 2/17/22
Seven Habits for Weight Management- 2/22/22

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Monthly Challenges

Dry Challenge

HNE Webinar Series- Quiz #1
HNE Webinar Series- Quiz #2
HNE Webinar Series- Quiz #3
HNE Webinar Series- Quiz #4

HFF Weight Loss


Pilates- Mixed Level Mat Class
PHIIT- Pilates High Intensity Interval Training Class
Yoga- Zoom class
Mindful Movers
Heroes Pilates Class

Notice for SVRHT Members
Pure Barre Discount
Glenmeadow's Lifestyle Pass

Coronavirus Factsheet

HNE Member Updates
Healthy Directions WebMD Portal Update
HNE Staying Healthy During Coronavirus

BCBS Member Updates
Coronavirus Resource Center
Coping with Return to School During Covid-19 (webinar)
Diabetes Care Value
Stepin Program

Access to Physicians in your state
24 hours/ day- 7 days/ week at no cost to the member.
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Other Happenings

Big Y Nutrition January Events

Diabetes Care Rewards Program
Abacus Diabetes Toolkit
Diabetes Prevention Program
YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program Testimonial


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